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Zero Day!

January 19, 2010 | 5 Comments | Mark Russinovich

Zero Day!

I'm proud and excited to announce the upcoming publication of my first novel, Zero Day! I had the idea for Zero Day almost eight years ago and it's been a long journey from then through finishing a first draft, finding an agent, finding a publisher and now anticipating the day when I hold a copy in my hands. Reviews have started coming in from people that have received what the publishing business calls advance reviewer copies (ARCs), which are limited-run paperback versions of the near-final manuscript, and they are very positive, even from readers outside those I thought would find a techy cyberthriller interesting:

"If you aren't a computer geek, some of the lingo and explanations are going to pass right by you; but there's enough information and ever-developing, terrifying plot developments to keep you riveted to every page." 

"The entertaining story line is linear yet exhilarating and frightening especially since author Mark Russinovich is an expert on the topic as his résumé brings a scary possibility to the cyber attack that the thriller focuses on."

"The novel is more plot than characters, but it is a very frightening, fast moving narrative that reveals how interconnected we all are through the internet."

If you like books by Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy, I think you'll enjoy Zero Day. In my existing technical blog I post articles primarily related to Windows, and in this one I'll be posting links to reviews, cyber-security news and other book-related updates. You can also follow me on Twitter or friend-me on Facebook

I encourage you to pre-order a copy today and tell your friends about the book and this site!

The Road to Zero Day: Idea to Manuscript »

5 responses to “Zero Day!”

  1. John C. Kirk says:

    Will this book be available in epub format? (I have a Sony Reader rather than a Kindle.) I'm in the UK, and I've searched the WHSmith and Waterstones sites, but they only list the hardback edition.

  2. Sri says:

    There is an error on page 8 of chapter one (the excerpt). "thirty-seven feet," should be "thirty-seven thousand feet"
    Good read though 🙂

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